Elements of Wellness

Student Clinic Session Participant Information

About Elements of Wellness School of Massage

Elements of Wellness offers two Massage Therapy Education programs. Our basic program is 800 hours, and our advanced program is 1000 hours. We offer more hours of instruction than any other massage school in the state. We are also a small school with a total enrollment of 12-20 students. Our teacher to student ratio is 1:6. This means that our students highly value quality education. They are bright and eager to become excellent professionals.

Student Clinic Sessions and Fees

Our student clinics are scheduled according to modality classes being taught. As students learn each modality they practice incorporating new techniques into their massage sessions. It is wonderful for students to have the opportunity to work with the same client for a period of time. Although you are welcome to participate once, you may also be eligible to become a Session Participant. Session Participants receive 6 weekly treatments from the same student at a very reduced rate. Session Participants must be available during the same time each week for 6 weeks.

A single session in our student clinic is $40 for a 60-minute session. Clients who agree to be a Session Participant will receive 6 weekly sessions for $130. Clients should expect to be at the school for about 1 ½ hours to include the time to complete a feedback form.

A Cheap Massage?

The notion of this being a “cheap massage” implies that our students offer a low quality experience. Our students do not offer anything but their very best in terms of techniques and professionalism to their clients in the student clinic. Our view is that we are offering massage services to the public at a reduced rate as an exchange. The exchange comes when clinic clients offer their best back to the students. This includes showing up and being on time for scheduled appointments, being open and receptive to what the student has to offer, and giving the student excellent feedback about the session. We highly value our clients in this respect. You are an invaluable resource for our students as they perfect their skills. Thank you!

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