Here is a list of our Yoga & Wellness Class Instructors with their bios and picture. Contact us with any questions. 

541070_220187948086092_1202815875_n Roisin

Roisin Halfar, is a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist. Her T’ai Chi journey began fourteen years ago when she was working full time as a school nurse for a very large and busy school district.  Roisin needed an exercise form that would provide her with a sense of centeredness and positive outlook while also raising three children! Her choice of T’ai Chi for her own health maintenance and spiritual growth has worked well for her. 


Certified by West East Natural Healing, Hannah has enjoyed sharing her practice throughout St. Louis. She has experience teaching those such as cancer patients, the visually impaired, and injured to fashion models and high school athletes. Life is a crazy journey for everyone!Wherever you are on your yoga path, whether an old soul or a new beginner, come let your inner light shine.


I was first introduced to yoga in a ballet class and instantly fell in love with the grace, beauty, and strength that yoga both requires and produces. I continue to be in awe of the way that yoga can relax, energize, tone, strengthen, relieve internal and external difficulties among many other things. I have a B.S. in Psychology and a Masters in School Psychology and am constantly seeing how the mind body connection comes into play. I currently teach preschool, and wanted to combine my love of teaching and my love of yoga to help people fall in love as much as I have!