Is this the career of your dreams? Elements of Wellness is a unique school offering programs in the healing arts. Our program prepares graduates to excel as professionals supporting others in their healing journey.

Our focus is on your dreams, your career, and your success. We offer education, nurturing, and support for your successful career in the healing arts.

Our experienced team of instructors will enthusiastically support you in graduating our programs and begin a successful career as a healer.

This means small class sizes, individual attention, career counseling, and all the support you need to move from being a student to being a licensed massage therapy professional or practitioner of energy work. We are passionate about your success!

Holistic health offerings are integrated into the teaching practices of our school. Our somatic approach to treatment of mind, body, and spirit begins with our own bodies, extends into the classroom, and out into the community that we serve.

Elements of Wellness places an emphasis on building community. You will feel this as soon as you step inside our beautiful facility. Utilizing a model of creating and sustaining healthy community, our instructors, staff and students work together to promote highly inclusive, compassionate and clear communication. We truly are a “community of healers.”

School Objectives:

  • Provide students excellent, comprehensive preparation for careers in massage therapy and bodywork.
  • Interface with the community through outreach programs staffed by supervised Elements of Wellness students, including public wellness classes and professional continuing education.
  • Provide support to students and graduates through career counseling and academic advisement.
  • Provide placement assistance for graduates.
  • Provide MTE students with the skills and preparation necessary to pass the National Certification Examination.
  • Provide MTE graduates with guidance and support in becoming state licensed.
  • Provide ongoing Business Network and Study Group opportunities for program graduates.
  • Provide Continuing Education opportunities for licensed Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers.
  • Provide ongoing wellness resources and classes for massage therapists, bodyworkers, and the public.

Graduates of our program will have:

  • A thorough understanding of massage therapy, energy work, somatic techniques, and their application
  • Comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology
  • Familiarity with business practices needed for a successful career as a healer.
  • A clear understanding of safe, healthy, and ethical practices in the healing arts
  • Experience with and knowledge of self-care practices
  • A highly competitive edge and will be in great demand